Hi, I’m Rudy.

I am a wife and mom of three little ones.  I started couponing when my first baby was born and my husband was still in college.  I quickly found out it was a great way to save money for my family.  I love a good deal, but even more, I love sharing a good deal!  It is my goal to help as many people as I can to save money!

Last year, I was featured on the Premiere Episode for Season 4 of Extreme Couponing. And that’s me (above video) on Ricki Lake. As you can see, I love couponing.

I first started couponing in a big city where I had every store available to me.  It was an ideal place for a couponer!  Then, shortly after my husband graduated, we had to pack up and move for his new job.  We landed in a VERY small town with limited stores.  I decided to make the best of it and although I don’t get the variety I was used to, I have learned to take advantage of Walmart’s ad match policy.  It took a while to master, but I now love it!  I am here to help you navigate through Walmart and save just as much money as you would at any other grocery store!

Have FUN!