Fall Owl Wreath Tutorial

By Jess on August 20th, 2015
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Try something new for your Fall decorations this year by making this simple owl wreath from Country Living. Here’s how:

Wreath base: Wrap burlap ribbon around a 16″ Styrofoam wreath form.


  1. For the first eye, using utility scissors, cut a 5″ circle from a sisal linen doormat.
  2. Trim a 2″ strip from the edge of a raffia table skirt, then hot glue along the outer edge.
  3. Next, hot glue the outer ring of a 4 1/2″-inch Mason jar lid inside the raffia, securing it to the sisal circle.
  4. Hot glue a metal bottle cap at the center of the ring and glue the circle with dried pumpkin seeds.
  5. Hot-glue a red wood bead inside bottle cap.
  6. Repeat for second eye.

Wings: Cut two 8″x 5″ teardrop shaped pieces from the sisal linen doormat.

Beak: Cut a 3″ triangle from the doormat, then hot glue with dried pumpkin seeds.

Assembly: In this order, attach the beak, then the eyes, and then wings, with hot glue. Enjoy your new Fall wreath!