How to Use and Get Target Mobile Coupons

By richel on April 18th, 2013

target coupons

Target Mobile Coupons are a easy way to get great deals and stretch your savings even further. Mobile coupons are Target Store coupons that are sent directly to your phone to be used for in-store purchases. You just pull up the text on your phone, hand it too the cashier and she scans your phone, it’s that easy.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up to receive Target Mobile Coupons HERE. You will need to have an internet-capable phone in order to retrieve the coupons. Keep in mind– text messaging & data charges will apply depending upon your phone’s plan. If you have any questions, you can text HELP to 827438 for information. If you wish to cancel, you can text STOP to 827438 (you’ll receive a confirmation text or further instructions).

I signed up but I didn’t get the coupons?
Once you’re signed up, the coupons should arrive every other Saturday automatically. This is auto loop of coupons and not the special coupons I mentioned.

Sometimes there is a glitch and  you may not get the coupons automatically- but you can text the word OFFERS to 827438 and get a text back with a link to the coupons. Once you tap on that link your coupons will come up. So no worries if you do not see it!

*PLEASE NOTE* When first signing up, you may not get the current cycle of mobile coupons, (hopefully you will) but if you don’t, you should be good to go for the next cycle.

Target will send alerts to your phone whenever new coupons become available.

How do I redeem my mobile coupons?
All you have to do is show your coupons on your phone’s screen at the register and the cashier will scan the barcode that appears on the top. There is no cutting coupons to save.

This same bar code at the top applies to all the current coupons, so for example if you are buying 2 different products that there are two different mobile coupons for $1 Off each, when that bar code is scanned, both coupons will come off for a total of $2 savings.

Just so you know, Each Target mobile coupon is meant to be redeemed only once as the terms read “Limit one item or offer per coupon” So if you buy 2 identical items, only one coupon will be applied. It’s a bummer but this is because the coupons are usually really high value.

Also remember- since mobile coupons are still Target Coupons, they can be stacked with Manufacture Coupons just like their print coupons. This will allow you to save even more!  Score!

Target Baby, Plus-size & City Target coupon & savings offers….
Target has other mobile coupon programs and you do not need to be signed up for regular mobile coupons to get these savings. These are specialized coupons based on things like if you have a baby or if you live in a certain city.

Unlike the regular mobile coupons- these are not on a schedule and offer periodic coupons. Also- for some, first time users will get rewarded right away with an online discount code along with occasional mobile in-store coupon offers. Here’s a few of the special  programs currently being offered:

TARGET BABY: You can sign up to receive discounts on baby deals by texting the word “BABY5″ to 827438. First time users will receive an instant reward – a code for 10% off Baby Purchase online only, valid for 30 days. You will be alerted to other baby coupons as they become available.

TARGET PLUS ALERTS: You can sign up to receive discounts on plus size apparel by texting the word “PLUS” to 827438. Once you’re signed up, your first text should include a 15% Off Plus Apparel coupon code to use online. You’ll also get alerts whenever other special discounts are available.

CITY TARGET MOBILE OFFERS: If you are a resident of Seattle, Chicago or Los Angeles, you can also text “CITY” to 827438 to be signed up for occasional mobile coupon offers at your local CityTarget location.

Other Additional Special Mobile Coupon Offers
From time to time- Target also offers special mobile coupons by texting a certain word. I try and stay on top of the latest ones as much as I can and also offer manufacturer match-ups for all mobile coupons on my Target Coupon Page. 

Moneymakers and Freebies at Walmart

By richel on April 13th, 2013


Here they are the top freebies and moneymakers for Walmart this weekend.  If you don’t use the product, you can always donate it to charity or give it too a friend/family member!

Rice Dream Original Lactose Free Rice Drink, 32 oz $1.88, regular price
Use $2.00/1 – Rice Product, Any – (
Final Price: $0.12 Moneymaker
GoodNites Bed Mats, 1 ct $1.47, regular price
Use $4.00/1 – GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats – (
Final Price: $2.53 Moneymaker

Kool-Aid Bursts, 6 ct $1.00, regular price
Buy 1, Earn up to $1.00 with Ibotta
Pay $1.00, Submit for Ibotta Credit
Final Price: Free

Serenity Tena Ultra Thin Pads, 30 ct $5.24, regular price
Use Save up to $7.00 on Tena Pads – (

Final Price: Free

New Ibotta App is Available

By richel on April 11th, 2013


The New Ibotta App has just been released! It is really cool!  If you are using the  Ibotta app already now you will need to update to the new App because they will be discontinuing their older version. So grab your iPAD, Phone or other smart phone and do it now before you forget!

The coolest thing is with the new Ibotta App you will now be able to see bonuses, store extra’s and new features which makes this app even better to use! When you see the New Ibotta, just go to the Main Menu of the app and then  you can explore Bonuses which allow you to earn additional cash when you make your purchases. You can complete Bonuses, that will unlock even more and more savings as you buy the items.

What is Ibotta and how does it work?

Ibotta pays you for things you already buy.  It is really quick and easy and you can organize what you will buy when you make your weekly shopping list and organize coupons.  All you need is your smart phone!

Currently, Ibotta works in every: ​7-Eleven, BI-LO, CityMarket, CVS Pharmacy, Dillons, Dollar General, Dominicks, Duane Reade, Family Dollar, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Giant Eagle, H-E-B, Harris Teeter, Hy-Vee, Ingles Markets, King Soopers, Kroger, Meijer, Pathmark, Pavilions, Pick ‘N Save, Publix, QFC, Ralphs, Randalls, RiteAid, Safeway, ShopRite, Smith’s, Stop & Shop, Target, Tom Thumb, United States Armed Forces Commissary, Vons, Walgreens, Walmart, Wegmans, WinCo Foods, Winn-Dixie

So if you have never used it, here is the best way to do just that.  You start saving right  away and you can be rady to shop with the app in just a few minutes.

Follow this tutorial:

  • Step 1: After signing up and logging in and going through the initial app tutorial, you select the product offers that are of interest to you and complete the tasks that are of interest to you to start organize your savings plan.
  • Step 2: Once you have activated all of the items you intend to purchase,  then hit the store and go shopping!
  • Step 3: Upon return from the store, select “Redeem” in the lower right-hand corner of the Ibotta Product Gallery. From here, select the retailer you have purchased your items from.
  • Step 4: Read the tips, then select “Continue” at the bottom of the page. (Don’t forget to upload the entire receipt including the logo, date and total). This is super important!
  • Step 5: After uploading the receipt, check and barcode scan each item on the receipt available for redemption (Note: for iPod 4th generation and iPad2 users, you will not be prompted to barcode scan). Once submitted, your receipt is now on it’s way to us for review, and most receipts will receive credit within 24 hours!

It really does add up fast!  You just have to remember to add this process into your planning.  If you use meal planning…this will be an amazing app for you because you can use the featured products to plan your meals and save even more!

What’s The Best Way To Shop?

By Extreme Couponing Rudy on August 16th, 2012

I’ve been teaching a lot of people how to save money recently.  I have to say that I love doing it and it is FUN for me.  I get excited!  Who doesn’t get excited when saving money?  Now, one way to really maximize your savings is to use coupons stacked with sales.  If you use a coupon on a regular priced item, you’re not really saving that much money.  In fact, you can probably still buy the store brand for less.  However, if you use your coupon with a sale, you can get the leading brands for less than the store brand!  That’s what I’m talking about!

Since I’ve been sharing my coupon techniques with people, I’ve been getting a lot of static from the non believers.  You know, the one’s who haven’t taken a coupon class yet or say it’s a waste of time.  Ha!  We know they’re crazy right?  But why are they crazy?  I have been told that to use a coupon you have to buy something you normally wouldn’t buy.  Or, why would stores put things on sale if it will make them FREE or make them lose money on it?  I have the answers.

To answer the first question with a question: Are you telling me you don’t bathe with soap?  Or, brush your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste?  Hum.  Then maybe couponing isn’t what we should be discussing here.  Anyways, there are coupons for something that everyone uses.  If you’re a total heath nut and you refuse to buy anything but fresh and organic food, you can still use coupons!  The biggest part of a budget is usually in the toiletries and household items.  Such as body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.  I’m not going to go into all the ways to save on these items using coupons, you can go to a class or watch one of my videos for that.  I just want everyone to know that coupons are not just for useless items.

Second question.  Why would stores put a product on sale if it will make them lose money?  How can they do that?  This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions.  It’s simple.  These sale items are called loss leaders.  A loss leader is a product that is put on sale below market cost to stimulate other sales.  Check out the picture above.  Here you see that Office Depot has one subject binders on sale for only a penny!  What?!  They are definitely not making any money off of the one subject binders.  But everyone who took a look at that ad has already decided that it’s a good deal and they will be making a trip to Office Depot.  Now, you have to look deeper into the ad to find that you must spend a $5 minimum to get the penny items.  Ah hah!  It’s a marketing strategy.  Most people will still do the penny deal even though they must first purchase a $5 minimum.

Even though this loss leader required a minimum purchase, that’s not always the case.  Take a look at the ad pictured below.  The President Feta Cheese is on sale.  With the sale alone you are already saving $5.39!  That’s a great savings and you’ve only get one thing and haven’t added your coupon yet!  This item is a loss leader.  It’s put on sale to get you into the store.  Since you will be shopping with them to get these great deals, they are hoping you will buy other things that you need that aren’t on sale.  For example maybe a store puts hot dogs on sale, but not the buns.  Well, you have to have buns to go with your hot dogs right?  This is how stores can put such great sales on items every week.  They want to entice you with the loss leaders and then hope that you buy other things that are not such a great deal.  This is where your couponing and savings techniques come in to play.  If you as a couponer only focus on the loss leader items, then you can save tremendously throughout the year.  Yes, some weeks you will grab items that you don’t need to use right away.  But, if it is something that you will use in the next six weeks, then you are being smart and saving money in the long run by purchasing it at its all time low.

Do you have any questions?  Ask them by leaving a comment below.


Getting Started

By Extreme Couponing Rudy on February 27th, 2012

Coupon Basics

If you are brand new, this is the place for you!  Take a deep breath, and try not to get overwhelmed.

Where to get coupons

The Sunday Newspaper.  This is a great source for coupons.  Buy the largest city in your areas paper.  Ex. AJC, Savannah, Augusta, Birmingham…  These papers will have the most and best coupons.  Papers and inserts vary sometimes from city to city, so don’t be surprised if your paper has one less insert than another.  If you are shopping for a larger family, I recommend buying at least two papers (if not more depending on your family size).  Sometimes you can buy the paper in a double pack and they are discounted!

Online printables.  You can find many great coupons online, and they are only a click away!  When printing a coupon from the internet coupon sites, remember you can print two of each coupon per computer.  So, if you have two computers, you can print a coupon four times!  Go here for a list of internet printable sites.

In the stores.  Many stores come out with coupon booklets.  These booklets will contain either store coupons or manufacturer’s coupons.  Also, when you are in a store shopping, always be on the lookout for the little red boxes that spit out coupons!  These are called blinkies.  Even if you are not going to use the coupon right away, put it away for when a sale comes around for that item.  If you see a store employee giving out free samples, head over that way!  Even if you don’t want to try the sample in the store, the employee will be handing out great coupons for the sample product!

Ask family and friends.  You will be surprised at how many people you know that throw out their coupons!  Just ask them if you can take them off their hands.


Start Couponing

1.      Sale Cycles and Stocking up

Now that you know where to get your coupons, it’s time to shop!  But wait, you don’t know what to shop for.  Should you just get what you get every week?  NO.  Now that you have started the coupon process, forget how you used to shop for groceries.  Let’s save some money!

Everything goes on sale, yes even groceries!  Almost everything in the store has a rock bottom price that it will reach when on sale.  That’s when you want to buy.  Most sale cycles happen every six weeks.  When that bottom low price shows up, stock up ONLY to last you about six weeks.  You DO NOT have to clear the shelves!  It will go on sale again!  You do want to get enough though that it will last until the sale comes around again.

2.      Combine the Coupons with the Sale

You are already getting a great deal on a product when it’s on sale.  So if you do not want to deal with coupons (not recommended) then just focus on buying items on sale.  For the optimal savings experience, add a coupon to a sale!  It’s like double the savings!

EX.  Box of cereal 

      Reg. Price $4

Sale Price $2

      Coupon $1 off

      Final Price $1 for a $4 box of cereal! 

      Yay!  Isn’t that FUN?

Now go get organized so you can put your grocery list together!!!